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With no powers or motivation

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Heroic Leigh


April 3rd, 2008

First off, much thanks to simrenity for the founder. This is my first entry in the Founder Challenge and my first participation in an actual challenge ever.
Secondly, I forgot to get pictures of the house. And also, I did cheat a little for the house- I can't stand the usual founder shack, so I gave her enough money for a decent house, then took any extra away. Everything since has been cheat-free.
Thirdly, who can recommend a good no-blur? 'Cause I redid ALL my CC right before starting this legacy and forgot which one I'd previously had.
With that out of the way... Drumroll, please?

Perhaps the longest 1st Gen I've ever had...Collapse )

March 19th, 2008

We interrupt...

metal wings
I'm sick of all the bugged CC. All the non-working stuff. Etc. And here I've been itching to download new stuff.

There are around 5,000 files in my CC folder. I do not have the patience. So I'm deleting it all and starting over. Which means it'll be a few days (gotta download stuff, rebuild House, etc) until there's more of the Ceatha Legacy.

Wonder if I can find a way to pretty up my NPCs in the process, without the "new neighborhood" thing...

Ceatha Legacy 1.1

metal wings
Pardon the shitty screenshots. I lost, apparently, all ability at taking good ones. Lamz0r, I know. Better next time. I'm also hating how they look in .gif as much as .jpg. Is .png better? Plz to be advising. Ahem. Anyway! I'm well into the childhood of Orange, so this is just an update of THE YELLOW. Daisy is less a slut than expected, but marries a slut. Hurr.

So here it is. The beginnings of my entry in the Rainbow Legacy. Woo. :D

Cut for dating. Lots of WooHoo. And other insanity.Collapse )

Ahem. That's all for now because I'm exhausted. :D

I really want the default replacements to get smexier townies, but I didn't think about it before I created the whole new neighborhood. ;.; So I'll just have to deal. Ah well. Had to put in InSim. Forgot how bad I need it (new clothes, mostly- I haaaaate going Downtown for clothes. Srsly.).

Mucho apologies for bad picture quality. I lost all my 1337 skillz. But I'll get them back! :D

March 16th, 2008


metal wings
For those of you still watching this community, I've decided to repurpose it. :D It's going to be used as a place for all my Sims2 stuff. So, uh. This is the warning now to remove it if you don't want to read all that. ;)

Coming Soon:
Gen 1. of the Ceatha Legacy (part of the Rainbow Legacy Challenge).
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